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) Rice either has no concept of the actual effect of inbreeding, or just doesn’t care because how inbred a person is is what determines whether they are “head witch” or not.

Rowan has 13 lines of inbreeding (but no negative side effects other than being super smart, having witch powers, oh and double chromosomes so she can birth a Taltos.) Mona’s rape of Michael is completely calculated, so readers are treated to long, passionate descriptions of how hot he is, and also, to the fact that Mona, who is the only Mayfair to keep tabs on the full history of the family, is using their family tree as a “Who to have sex with” checklist.

But then every time the tension builds, Rice kills it flat by running off on a tangent, or a richly detailed, but badly timed flash back. She’s the strong woman who can kill or heal with her powers, and chooses to heal. Yet Lasher completely and totally seduces her with her own scientific, inquisitive nature.

It’s a good thing for the family too, because it turns out Lasher has been tracking down members of the Mayfair family and raping them too in an effort to make himself a mate (so they can remake their breed and take over the world).

(No, really, she repeatedly mentions having been with her 80 year old great uncle.

Gag.) Then we have Rowan, who gave birth to the Taltos that Lasher took over.

(Taltos is apparently a giant/fae breed that used to live on a tropical island near Scotland and were wiped out by, um, Romans?

They are born adult, are hyper fertile-which I’ll get to later-and are born intelligent.

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Oh my Gawd, you all, Lasher is one of the most WTF books I have ever read, much less one of the WTF Best Selling Books I have ever read. Lasher is the sequel to The Witching Hour (*coughcough* my ramble on that is here), it continues the epic, Gothic tale of the Mayfair family, a family of highly inbred witches who either control a strange demon-ish spirit, or are haunted by it.